Clients and consultants are growing savvy enough to expect BIM project delivery workflows. Gridley offers the experience with contract documents and execution plans to keep teams running smoothly.

Gridley helps firms with Project Assessment, evaluating a firm's ability to switch to BIM workflows requires an opportune project — a project that staff can practice new skills on, with all the resources they need at hand. A BIM Consultant's first job is to assess upcoming projects, the firm's technical ability to deliver the required documents, the firm's ability to host the required communications, and staff ability to perform the appropriate calculations with tools available. A written assessment is delivered after interviewing managers, project staff, and after reviewing existing project documentation. The assessment identifies immediate needs, a roadmap for BIM implementation, and production bottlenecks.

Gridley helps firms write their own BIM Implementation Plan (a.k.a. BIM Execution Plan): This document lays out a clear step-by-step path that the team will need to complete with a BIM workflow. The plan presents a schedule for when software, training, and model components must be delivered to meet delivery deadlines. It also provides protocols for communication of BIM files with consultants (method, format, timing, etc.). This document is the last opporunity managers have to secure firm-wide support before moving forward.Type your paragraph here.

Gridley also can help firm's leadership Manage BIM Team Kick-off Meetings. In order to keep a fluid workflow and proper documentation trail, it is imperative that all architects and consultants (the "full" BIM team) meet together before any modeling takes place. This meeting addresses, at a minimum, all performance expectations around the schedule, data modeling conventions, building registration, file naming conventions, standard modeling locations, file transfer methods, and software versions.