Training is not a product. Architects need more than textbook examples. Gridley offers project-tailored training so that staff build the project model while they build skills and experience.

Once an implementation plan exists, our consultants identify a curriculum of basic BIM skills that staff will need to start a project. These "classes" first review that BIM is a database-driven working method, and that models generate drawings from these databases, but designers must still supply editorial intent. This is Staff-wide Training. The classes are also a time to communally demonstrate new skills required for the project — any team member who misses a concept can rely on teammates for support.

In addition to Staff-wide Training, Gridley offers additional Task-Specific Training to organize the team to list weekly delivery issues. After the classes, this is an opportunity to provide desk-side analysis of delivery problems, expand general skills, and provide custom training to help team members through specific issues.

Gridley provides Training Progress Reports to help Project Management assess staff progress. These reports, usually offered quarterly, are comprehensive assessments of BIM adoption within the project team. The documents identify outstanding production issues, departures from the project schedule, and upcoming delivery concerns that project management should address.