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For a design-focused firm, adoption of Building Information Modeling workflows is a careful, multi-stage process. This is why a one-size fits-all approach to BIM training and BIM practices rarely meets success with the firms that try them. They tell us, "We sent some staff to <training> offices. They learned to make a generic model for three days. But now we have project-specific questions and they offer no support."

Gridley offers a useful alternative to canned lectures and unrelated training. We discuss the project that BIM workflows are to be implimented, and tailor custom, in-office training to that project. This is considered the kick-off to get a team started. Then, we supplement that training with weeks of return-trips to the project team, to help the team apply those foundational lessons to the unique problems each project faces. Sometimes advanced training is necessary, and other times desk-side support empowers pro-active teams to forge ahead.

SHoP Architects, Cook+ Fox, Helpern Architects, Office of Visual Interaction,  Macrea-Gibson Architects, Two One Two Design, Ethelind Coblin Architects, Ricci Greene Associates, Carol Maryan Architects, Karahan/Schwarting Architects, Pendant Partners.

Gluck+,Morris Adjimi Architects, Alloy Development, Sage & Coombe Architects, OBRA Architects, Jeffrey Beers International LLC, EP Engineers, Biber Architects, Edelman Sultan Knox Woods,
Life House Group. 

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Gridley Consulting is an association of full time professors of architecture at New York Institute of Technology. Their teaching assignments include design studios plus a full range of courses in technologies and design computation.

We have a combined experience of more than 35 years in education and consulting to the architecture profession.